• Maxfield Allison

    {"exception":"[object] (RuntimeException(code: 0): The gmp or bcmath extension must be installed to read this database. at /var/www/html/aanval/vendor/maxmind-db/reader/src/MaxMind/Db/Reader/Decoder.php:259)"} [

  • Maxfield Allison

    lol good god I suck at this. installed the extension. I see why you guys don't respond to these. 


  • * Aaron [TF]

    Refresh your login page, and then share the last few log entries in the var/logs/dev or prod log. We'll help you out.

    I assume you've already run the "php console aanval:install" command?

  • Maxfield Allison

    Hey thanks for getting back to me. I managed to fix my errors with an update to the aanval package. Now I'm stuck on something new that I'm unable to find any documentation about. Is it possible to run a suricata sensor on a remote host? what kind of values or config do I need to change in the Aanval host? I have suricata running on an OPNSense firewall already and would really love if I could somehow pass all of the data from that to the Aanval install on my Raspi 3b. I should mention I'm currently using the community version to get a feel for the capabilities of Aanval versus something like ELK.


    Thanks so much!!!


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